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Tight nosebands: Thoughts from a fan

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A die-hard dressage enthusiast explains his views

The equestrian industry PR machine has been busy during the Rio Olympics, highlighting the historical roots of dressage in a bid to keep horse sports in the Games. But according to 71-year-old die-hard dressage fan and former cavalry rider, Svante Holmqvist, there is nothing traditional about the way nosebands are tightened nowadays. The FEI ignores the fact that the vast majority of competition horses must endure excessively tight nosebands, which has made some protesters go directly to the International Olympic Committee. Svante Holmqvist is one of those people. He is not afraid that dressage will get kicked out of the Olympics. In fact, he says, it might benefit horses if there were not so much money in the sport.

In this straight talking interview, filmed in Sweden in August 2016, during the Rio Olympics, Mr. Holmqvist gives a fan's perspective on the noseband problem and talks about his own history with horses and his hopes for a better future. 

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