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Please read this agreement very carefully before using the website www.epona.tv. The agreement is subject to change without notice at the discretion of the website owners, Epona Media A/S. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, including the right of Epona Media A/S to change or cancel the agreement at any time, please leave the website and do not use it in the future unless you agree with these terms and conditions of use.

If you have any questions regarding these terms and conditions, please contact staff at info@epona.tv.


The term ”website” refers to the website www.epona.tv and ”website owners” refers to Epona Media A/S, Kildegaardsvej 7, 3400 Hilleroed, Denmark. Email info@epona.tv telephone +45 20481540

CVR 30 59 87 33

The term ”member” refers to a person who has purchased a subscription (which may include a free trial period) to the website.

The term ”visitor” refers to a person visiting the website without being a member.


This agreement is legally binding and by your acceptance you agree to enter into a contract with Epona Media A/S. Only persons over the age of 18 may enter into this agreement and purchase membership of the website. Visitors to the website are responsible for ensuring that they qualify for membership before purchasing a subscription or using the website.

Visitors and members agree by their use of the website to adhere to all laws and these terms and conditions of use. If you do not agree, please discontinue your use of the website.

Epona Media A/S uses cookies to help us improve the Epona.tv website and the service we offer.   Epona Media A/S does not use cookies to sell customer information. To let more people know about Epona.tv and invite them to visit the website, the website owners advertise using third parties who create cookies, web beacons and similar technologies to measure and improve advertising performance.  You can opt out of these cookies at any time.  To learn more about cookies or how to opt out, you can visit www.youronlinechoices.eu (if you are based in the EU), www.aboutads.info/choices/ (if you are based in the United States), www.youradchoices.ca/choices (if you are based in Canada), www.oaic.gov.au/privacy (if you are based in Australia) or you can click on www.aboutads.info/choices from everywhere.  Epona Media A/S is not responsible for the content of these external websites.  By continuing to use the Epona.tv website, visitors and members agree to this cookie policy.

As a member of Epona.tv, your membership allows you to stream video from the Epona.tv video library for your personal and non-commercial use only.  No rights, title or interest to or in any content on Epona.tv shall be transferred to you. 

When purchasing a subscription (which may include a free trial period) and becoming a member, your membership starts when your registration and payment card details are accepted and will continue until you cancel your membership or the website owners terminate it.  To cancel online anytime, go to the "My account" page, click on "Cancel subscription" and follow the simple instructions.  As a member of Epona.tv, you authorise the website owners to charge you a monthly or annual membership fee (depending on which membership option you choose) at the then current rate.  The website owners reserve the right to adjust the membership price at any time.  In the case of price increases, you will be notified of any changes at least six weeks before such change takes effect.  Cancellation of your Epona.tv membership must happen at least three days before the start of your next membership period.

At the start of your membership you will be sent a confirmation by email.  You are responsible for providing the correct email address and if your confirmation fails to arrive by email, you are responsible for notifying the website owners.

The free 10 day trial period is only available to new customers. If your membership starts with a free 10 day trial period, you can cancel at any time during the free trial period and you will not be charged.  To cancel online anytime, go to the "My account" page, click on "Cancel subscription" and follow the simple instructions.  If you are happy with Epona.tv, do nothing and your membership will continue month-to-month (or year-to-year, depending on which membership option you choose) at the monthly (or annual) membership price.  Epona.tv is not liable for losses incurred by you due to your failure to cancel your membership in the case you no longer wish to be a member of the website.

Please read this agreement carefully and regularly check for alterations and updates. When you purchase membership of Epona.tv (which may include a free trial period), you must confirm your agreement to these terms and conditions during the registration process.  Epona Media A/S agrees to post a clear link to these terms and conditions on the website and you agree that the terms and conditions are subject to change, effective immediately upon posting on the website by the website owners.

As you purchase membership of the website (which may include a free trial period) you will be asked to agree to receive communication from Epona.tv in electronic form.  This communication can include emails sent to the email address you gave during the registration process (or subsequent email address that you register with Epona.tv via the "My account" page), notices on the Epona.tv website or on the "My account" page.  You should print copies of electronic communication or save an electronic copy.

Members and visitors are responsible for ensuring that any content they post on the website is in no way violent, sexually explicit, lewd, racist, homophobic or otherwise objectionable. This includes comments on videos and blog posts as well as the content of websites linked to from such comments. The website owners reserve the right to remove such comments or links and to ban any member or visitor from the website without notice, should the member or visitor be deemed in violation of this rule by the website owners.

Epona Media A/S accepts no liability for any content or any links posted by members of or visitors to the website. Epona.tv does not monitor the content of other websites linked to from www.epona.tv and does not guarantee that these websites may not contain offensive, incorrect or illegal material or information.

You are responsible for ensuring that you do not violate the copyright of anyone by posting as comments or links the intellectual property of others.

You are responsible for behaving in a civil and respectful manner when communicating with other members or visitors or with the website owners. Repeated failure to behave according to these rules, as defined entirely at the discretion of the website owners, will result in termination of your membership. This cannot be appealed and you will not get a refund. If you see comments or links which you find inappropriate, you may flag them as such and a moderator will take care of the matter as soon as possible.

You must be 18 years old to subscribe to www.epona.tv. By your acceptance of this agreement you are stating that all personal and payment information provided by you is true and accurate. You will make sure that your details held by the website remain accurate and updated, including your email address. You are a private person over the age of 18 and your use of this website does not violate the legislation of the country in which you reside.

You agree that certain areas of the website www.epona.tv are only accessible to current members of the website.

If your membership is suspended or cancelled because you are in violation of these terms and conditions, you will not be eligible for a full or partial refund of fees paid for membership of the website.

Unless otherwise stated in writing by Epona Media A/S, all fees are non-refundable. There are no refunds for partial periods.  By your acceptance of these terms and conditions, you agree to this.

Your membership of Epona.tv is strictly personal and you agree to keep your username and password confidential. The website owners reserve the right to suspend or cancel any memberships which appear to be used by several persons at the same time. You are responsible for changing your password, should you suspect in any way that its confidentiality has been compromised.

You are responsible for any charges incurred by persons accessing members only areas of the website via your username and password.

You are responsible for any comments or links posted by persons accessing the website via your username and password.

Available payment methods are stated on the website . You warrant and represent that the credit card or debit card that is being used is yours. All credit card debit card holders are subject to validation checks and authorisation by the card issuer. 

Epona Media A/S does not hold your credit card details. All credit card numbers are encrypted, processed and held by a secure payment gateway. Your credit card details will only be used for your automatic monthly or annual subscription payments expressly initiated by yourself during your subcription process.

Epona Media A/S will take reasonable care to keep your details secure. But in the event that a third party illegally gains access to your details, we cannot be held liable for any losses or damages.

You agree to immediately notify the website owners at info@epona.tv if you suspect that your username and password have been used by a third party. You agree never to access www.epona.tv with the username and password of another person. You agree to keep your username and password strictly confidential.

You may change your personal or payment details at any time at the My Account section of the website

Your membership entitles you personally to view the members only areas of www.epona.tv but does not entitle you to display the videos commercially, nor may you attempt to download content.

Educational institutions who want to use the videos as part of a teaching program should contact info@epona.tv to enquire about prices.

Epona Media A/S owns all content posted on the website www.epona.tv by the website owners and their staff. You may not copy any of this copyrighted content for personal or professional use without the express written permission of the website owners. The Epona.tv logo and name are copyrighted and trademarked and may not be used without the express, written permission of the website owners.

Items of content on the website www.epona.tv may change or be discontinued without notice at any time at the discretion of the website owners.

Epona Media A/S and its owners and its staff accept no liability for losses or damages incurred as a result of equine related or other activities inspired in part or in full by content on the website. Horses are big and can be dangerous. Always wear your safety gear and remember that not everyone is qualified to handle or ride a dangerous horse. Seek expert advice if in doubt whether you should handle any individual horse. Always consult your veterinarian if you suspect your horse may be ill.

This agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with Danish law and you agree that the courts of Denmark have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute related to the website www.epona.tv

You accept this agreement by your use of the website and further confirm your acceptance by subscribing to the website in full or in part. Even if the website owner fails to enforce certain rights described in this agreement, the rights of the website owner remain intact. In case any part of this agreement is in conflict with Danish law or otherwise not enforcable, this does not affect the validity of the other parts of the agreement.