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De-nerving: Is it doping?

By Julie Taylor on 27.05.2017

“Doping is treatment with a substance or a technique which improves or detracts from a horse's natural performance ability. It can also be...

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Vetting the vets

By Julie Taylor and Luise Thomsen on 25.05.2017

In other sports, anti-doping is a matter of fairness to one's competitors. You dope, you cheat. In equestrian sport, there is a darker side to the...

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No pain, lots of gain

By Julie Taylor and Luise Thomsen on 22.05.2017

Yesterday, the 16-year-old KWPN gelding, Never Say Never jumped in the finals of the Danish Showjumping Championships. He even placed and won a...

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Unnerving facts

By Julie Taylor on 19.05.2017

Imagine a doping test where – instead of sending the sample to an independent laboratory – the rider's own vet as well as the team vet of...

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Holding one's tongue

By Julie Taylor on 30.03.2017

“If you want things to change, you have to stop being so aggressive.” “Be more polite if you want people to listen to you.”...

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The ugliness of motivation

By Julie Taylor on 27.03.2017

For a few days I have been pondering the meaning of the word “motivation” and the way it is used by horse people. In our latest video...

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House of cards

By Julie Taylor on 02.07.2016

If you're anything like me, you will have asked yourself at some time in the past: "What does it take to get a yellow card for abuse of the...

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Billy, go home

By Julie Taylor on 23.05.2016

Dear Billy. I know you're not real. I know you're just a mascot invented to promote the 2016 Rio Olympics. If you were a real horse, you'd be less of...

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Flights of fancy

By Julie Taylor on 10.05.2016

Why do we call horses flight animals? Even I say it and I have witnessed how decidedly unflighty free living horses are and how little they concern...

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Right on the nose

By Julie Taylor on 04.05.2016

According to an article in the Guardian yesterday, the FEI does not think that there is a problem with nosebands being cranked too tightly at FEI...

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